Solano TargetMasters Presents
The 1st Annual Fall PCC-Shotgun Challenge and Shoot Off

The Solano Targetmasters will be hosting the 1st annual fall PCC-Shotgun challenge and shootoff on Sunday, October 29, 2017.

The Challenge will consist of 3 PCC-Shotgun Stages followed by the top 16 finishers participating in a shooter vs shooter, single elimination Shoot Off. The final 2 shooter will compete in a best of 3 rounds elimination for a Cash Prize. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers of each division.

This Challenge will be limited to 45 shooters. Entry fee $35 / Juniors $15.

DIVISIONS: PCC / Tactical Shotgun and PCC / Open Shotgun.

ROUND COUNT: PCC - 120, Birdshot - 84, Slugs - 2

RULES: The Challenge and Shoot off will be run under USPSA Multigun rules, but this is NOT a USPSA event as PCC is NOT a recognized firearm in USPSA Multigun, until sometime next year.


Registration, payment and squadding will be on

Match Director: Ron Sechler:

Registration/Squadding: John Hartsock:

Range Masters: Ron and John